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Monday, January 3
Now this is one clever girl!

Only 11, and she's already been on ABC in America on a prime-time slot, and she's (apparently) The World's Youngest Video-Blogger...

... Yes, she doesn't just type blogs like the rest of us lot, she actually speaks her mind on camera to the world. Very cool. I remember when I was 11, I was spending most of my free time in front of my little Acorn 3000 (didn't even have an internal hard drive in that beast of a Risc-based machine) playing (and completing, I might add) Pacman. That was great.

Kids these days are so... techy. :) Not necessarily a bad thing (so long as they don't steal MY limelight ;)

Check out this kid's blog videoblog: //dylanverdi.blogspot.com.

And she got a record player (a PROPER one, plays them black things called VINYLS) for her Christmas present. Talk about uber parents.

Damn, I really must redesign MY own blog too. It's looking tired (and outdated). Hmm.

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