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Sunday, January 14
Time to switch

Apparently, I can migrate my blogs to the new Blogger now (instead of the original blogger, which I've been on before Blogger became huge - when it was part of Pyra Labs and was nothing more than an experimental publishing platform they were running as a demonstration of their main product, called Pyra (the 'Blogger' part of their system was but a part of their product! And check out how big it is now).

Indeed, Pyra coined the term 'Blogger'. They should've copyrighted it as a performance work, and asked for royalties ;)

Anyway, time to make the switch... Some geek stats:

My account (chriswoods) is the 187,628th profile on the original Blogger site. Which, when you consider that peoples' profile IDs now number into the tens of millions, I think you can safely say I've always been an early adopter (yes, this is something I'm proud of - the measure of a true geek!) This blog's ID is 2,937,298, and by comparison my other blog (the Uniblog which I'm always going on about) has an ID of 16,332,307... So you can see just how many blogs they provide service for. I'm pretty sure that this number doesn't take into account the amount of hosted blogs they provide on their BlogSpot service, but I've always preferred having the actual content hosted on my server (until they were bought by Google there was always that worry they might suddenly vanish off the face of the Web, which they very nearly did a few times back in their humble beginnings!

For more information on Pyra Labs, a true bit of web history, go read their Wikipedia article.

Right, time to go hit that big Migrate button on my control panel... Wish me luck! :)

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