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Thursday, March 29
Oooooooooo, the geek in me is lusting right now

I know it's not the same Commodore as was around in the 80s, but Commodore (in the sense of the trademark) were recently persuaded to return to the gaming market, selling <b>very</b> high-end-spec PCs under the Commie branding. I just had a look at their site again yesterday, and I'm still drooling a bit just thinking about the machines!

I REALLY, REALLY want one. Nrargh.

France tomorrow... Easter break! Woop. I think I might go uber-nerd and geotag my journey AS IT HAPPENS, provided I can find my car charger for my PDA (bluetooth + gps + software = about 2 hours' battery life, and I'll be in the car for over a day. Do you foresee a problem?)

Until next time...

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