Saturday, June 30



And ACK again.

Damn st00pid computer's giving up on me. For some strange reason, after rebooting my PC one day the sound card had magically uninstalled (the drivers) from the Control Panel, and now my very dodgy E drive (was damaged in transit originally I think) has decided to start dieing on me - taking my 5gig MP3 collection with it. Have to hurry up with that new drive and get it installed.

I've managed to half-resurrect an old ISA card, but that's dodgy too. Due to a botched Win2K install previously (involving a naff MBR, or Master Boot Record) I can't install 2K on the other good drive, meaning I have to stick it out with crappy 98 until at least July 4th. Grr.

Also, if an app is running sound and another app calls the sound card's routines, that's it for sound until the next reboot. No sound :(

Oh well, have to listen to the radio :D

Chris W

Friday, June 29

Hi Woods,

Thought I would just add a message to your WeBlog thing. I am gonna get mine set up properly and add it to my website somewhere for people to take the piss out' a me without a f'in care in the world


Cyaz l8tr


Elliot Wilson


One of my friends sent me this... hehehe

Imagine if all major retailers started producing condoms...........

Safeway condoms, lightening the load.

Sainsburys condoms, making life taste better.

Tesco condoms, every little helps.

Nike condoms, Just do it.

Peugeot condoms, The ride of your life.

Galaxy condoms, Why have rubber when you can have silk?

KFC condoms, Finger licking good.

M&M condoms, melt in your mouth not in your hands.

Abbey National condoms, because life is complicated enough.

Duracell condoms, keep going and going.

Macintosh condoms, it does more, it costs less, it's that simple.

Pringles condoms, once you pop you can't stop.

Burger King condoms, home of the big WHOPPER!

Good Year condoms, for a long ride go wide.

FcUK condoms, no comment required.

Muller Light condoms, so much pleasure but where's the pain?

Flash condoms, just sit back, relax, and let flash do all the hard work.

Halfords condoms, we go the extra mile.

OnDigital condoms, plug in and play.

Royal Mail condoms, i saw this and thought of you.

Andrex condoms, soft strong and very very long.

Renault condoms, size does matter.


Thursday, June 28

If you're a designer, like myself, you'll appreciate these fine examples of web design.


// <<< Possibly one of the most intuitive examples of conceptual design and navigation that I've ever seen. The only problem is, when you design something as good as this that works great in IE, chances are that 99% of the time it looks crap in Netscape... But wahey! Netscape is dead! So no worries. That's a load offa my mind... No more having to parallel code for two browsers anymore! Phew.

Oh, wait, what about Mozilla? Damn... I can live with Opera, that mimics IE enough to get away with it. Netscape never did have a good enough support for dHTML though... hehe

Ok, here are some neato links to ASP scripts and stuff.







Because so many people have been asking me, "how come you don't get cable when they cabled right past your road?", here's my response. For the last time.

I can't get cable (at the moment) because:

Telewest cabled down the road next to my road. Which is a county-council-owned road. So that's ok. However, the road I live on is a private road - every house on the road owns the bit of road in front of it, and I'm the farthest away from the road's opening. This means that everyone who's in the way of any possible path for laying cable must consent to having Telewest dig up "their" strip of road, and if one person says no, that's it. No cable.

Up until now, my neighbours couldn't be bothered with cable cuz the bloke had a nice 128k ISDN paid for by his company. However, with the sudden demise of RedHotAnt (his ISP) and lack of use thereon, his line got cut by British Telecom. It was damn expensive anyway...

The people at the end of the road (closest to the cable dist box, and essentially the key players in the quest for cable on my road) said no to Telewest digging up their little measly patch of road. They couldn't give a rat's ass, from what I make of them. They have Sky Digital, a nice widescreen telly, and I'm pretty damn sure broadband satellite, so why would they want cable? They have digital telly, and (I suspect) satellite internet. So what do they care?

However, with my neighbour hankering for a fast internet connection (I can see it in the way his eyes move nervously whenever I happen to drop in his lost ISDN line into casual conversation hehehe) and myself also dying for a cable modem so I can whoop my mate's ass in Unreal Tourney, we could be onto something. In 2 against 1 situations = the 2 usually win.


I'll just pay my end-of-the-road neighbours a little visit.. Mr. Crowbar can come too. ;)

Scuse me ppl - have to go clean Mr. Crowbar up, get him nice and shiny.

So yeah, I've switched ISPs for this weblog. Got pissed off with f2s's downtime.

Just hope DigitalRice stays up too... :D

RIght guys, I just got some kickass Ska and Nu Metal MP3s from one of my mates over MSN. His band's currently called Morvaine. The kid's only 14, and he's Grade 11 on drums and Grade 5 on guitar. Sh*t...

Expect links to the files damn soon. I'll be doing a web site for 'im too... ;)

Wednesday, June 27

ooo ooo ooo ooo can't miss this site.



Ok, more quality web sites:



// <<< kooky, funny, kinda kewl.

// <<< yes, yes, yes again

// <<< essential for any blogger worth their salt.

// <<< nice. essential. Need I say more?

// <<< oooOOOooo nice alternative to f2s? I think so.

// <<< just plain odd. I like it :D

// <<< once again, oooOOOooo

// <<< this is a site designed by the people at the above link. Watch the intro movie... oh. my. god.

// <<< yet another site designed by the people at I spent at least 5 minutes playing the the menu ... heehee

These sites make my own sites look sorta paltry really. P'raps I should start reading "Flash 5 for Dummies" and get that Wacom pad I've been thinking about getting...

Yup. **feels crap at design**

This site has to be the best, most innovatively-designed site I've seen in the past few days.


Also, you can't forget "Kaliber 10000: The Designer's Lunchbox" - an old favourite.

Well, I have web design to do. // , if i wanna know. :D

l8r d00ds,

So yeah, was randomly surfing, found this link:

// Interesting blog... apparently it's "a drog on blugs". hehe ;)

The accompanying Dossier page to that (info on the author) is: //

Enjoy; I know I did. :)

Whoah! Thompson are trying to profit from MP3's success... one problem: older versions of MP3 players won't support the format, because of the way it encodes the songs...


Tuesday, June 26

Yo guys, found this link earlier... If you're being pestered by spam from an octal-form IP address (Base 8 form, as opposed to the Base-10 dotted IP form) then this article will be an eye-opener...

IP Addresses Torn Apart-----By Ankit Fadia Hacking
Truths IP Address, Subnets, Classes, Hex IP, Octal, DWORD IP,Binary IP, Get IP
with MSN, ICQ, Netstat, Tracing an IP...

Enjoy. ;)

Look what I found!


Hehe... I could be at the 30th Gnomedex. I'd be 44 then - wonder if they'd still be doing it?

So, it's a Tuesday. I was bored, found this while randomly perusing the Internet:

LEGO Porno. hmm.


Enjoy. ;)

Monday, June 25

Wow.. what a processor this'll shape up to be!


Nice Glossary of CD-ROM AND DVD technologies...


ok, more stuff coming later.


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