Tuesday, July 31

Dial-Up Networking Monitor Download

This is a kickass little app. Check the screenies for more... You can completely customise it, too. Right down to colours, and all.

's great!


Monday, July 30

BBC News | UK | Let's hear it for system administrators

heeheeheehee... National System Administrator's Day?!?!?!

"This is international system administrators day, and who better to lead the tributes than BBC News Online's own system administrator, Tim Varley."

my god. heehee

BBC News | UK | R.I.P. Cathode ray tube monitor

On a lighter note... Awwwww.... RIP CRT. You served us well.

BBC News | SCI/TECH | Internet's 'very real' virus threat

This could spell trouble for the future of the Internet and the Web... DUE CARE AND CAUTION IS REQUIRED.

Apparently there's a patch for this "Code Red worm" virus available on many web sites, including Microsoft.com. Check it out.



A complete guide to mIRC scripting. READ IT, READ IT NOW :)

- I think this is another Alice Bot log, but I ain't 100% sure... ;)

//www.666soon.com/planet.htm - what in the HELL IS THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!!!

I think someone has been overdosing on clinical anti-depressants a bit. ;)

Saturday, July 28



I had an install of HammerHead lying about on my PC... but I found the NEW HammerHead web site and downloaded like, 80 loop files! AMAZING!

I also downloaded the installer. It's tiny, just bigger than a floppy disk, and is EXCELLENT fun.



Chris Woods

PS - looking at the newly created blogs, it seems that this "blog-ger" thing must be catching on... Ah well, I DID tell you all. hehe

Ok, this seriously kicks ass.

In mIRC, if you want to send a quick private message to someone but don't want to bother opening a DCC window and all that crap, insert this line of code into the "script.ini" file of mIRC. This can be reached by opening the mIRC Editor and choosing the Remote tab. Make sure that the "script.ini" file is the one selected in the View menu.

Next, make a submenu. This is done by simply typing a name. So, for instance, the line of code in a submenu would read:

^Morph^'s Custom commands
.Send a PM in the main window:/notice $$1 $$?="Enter the message here."

The $$1 tells mIRC to send the end results of the processed command off to the highlighed nick in the nicklist, and the $$? makes mIRC produce a simple text box to type your message into. The "Enter the message here." text appears above the text box.

When you send the message off, it looks like this in the chat window:

-> <user> <message>

where <user> and <message> are the person's nickname and the message to them.

If you receive a reply from them by the same method, they'll have a dash - like this "-" - either side of their nickname and the message from them to you will be displayed.

Piece of IRC cake, really. ;)


William Knowles Spook Words

hehehehe. All useful for Jam Echelon day!

AOL/Time Warner Given Permission to buy Amazon.com


The Basement.com.au / live / live from the studio

The Basememt - one sweet radio station.

They have a hot chick DJ on there too ;) hehe

Friday, July 27

Oooh oooh oooh more tasty links.

Some useful information for Win2K users burning CDs. READ THIS NOW

The VOICES behind the text - a directory of weblog owners. Voice clips yay!

www.acoustica.com - home of the amazing Internet Audio Mixer. Kickass - recommended download.

Wednesday, July 25

This is especially funny cuz there's a mate in Lockergnome chat called Zoltarr. hehe

Hacking Stuff

Some nice resources here.


Tuesday, July 24

PHP stuff: //www.hotscripts.com/PHP/

protonic.com : fast free technical support

Nice. A viable contender to AskMe.com and my own site? hehe

Monday, July 23

Ah I can't be bothered to hold back the info from yas. Here's the link I got the text files from:


Ah wow this is a wicked Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy page.

The design ain't the best I've ever seen, but it has heart and soul in it.

I also managed to get hold of the trilogy in five parts (the whole HHGTTG compilation of 5 books) and I'm willing to send them to anyone who wants them. They're 250-350kb text files with line breaks for reading pleasure ;)

I found a wicked site a while back that had ALL HIS BOOKS on it, but I think I lost the link *sob sob*

Wow look at this - hosting for $1 a month! Unbeatable.


Aaah more joyous icon libraries. This one's goooooooooooooooooooooood.


There's more of the same here.


Oh wow an amazing collection of icons to download and use as replacement for the bland Winbl0ze ones! Wow! I'm downloading ALL of them right now and installing ALL THE Mac ones... hehehehehehe.


Nice status bar script: //javascript.internet.com/messages/status-bar-news.html

//www.sophos.com/virusinfo/articles/safehex.html - some generally useful tips and tricks for safer computing, as recommended by Sophos - the best UK virus software manufacturer.

Sunday, July 22

//www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html - some nice apps, some using PuTTY encryption. I made a nice RSA public/private key using some software on there.

//srom.zgp.org - Operating System Sucks-Rules-O-Meter - very nice. hehe

//www.cdavies.org/articles.html - some writings of a good friend, Chris Davies (a fellow Gnomie from the UK)

Aaah some nice hacker-related web sites. Found these after visiting Channel 4's web site after watching The Secret Life Of Hackers.

//www.shopip.com and www.webcrunchers.com - sites to do with Captain Crunch.

//www.woz.org - site for Steve Wozniak (inventor of the Apple 1)

www.2600.com - the Hacker's Quarterly (Mitnick fashioned one of their T shirts on the programme)

//www.2600.com/magazine/pricelist.html - Price list for the 2600 Magazine. I can see myself getting a lifetime subscription... ;)

Saturday, July 21

Internet Explorer 6 IE6 animated demo

Watched it, didn't impress. At all.

Friday, July 20

Some more kewl links that I just couldn't forget about:

discplanet.com - knockdown CD-R media and stuff. Check out InkPlanet.

//www.design-council.org.uk - an excellently-designed site.

//darenp.co.uk/funny/index.htm - just damn funny video clips.

//www.boycottadobe.com - woohoo kewl site!

That's it. ahem. hehe

"Toby's Web Pages"

Ah wow this guy has Risc OS stuff on his site! WOW!

Sporkism.org... rather... uh... odd. Took me a while to figure out that this was a spoof - tut tut tut I never looked at the address bar what a fool I am hehe

Thursday, July 19



//www.blowthedotoutyourass.com - mwahaha.

Interesting page... //www.dzm.com/log/webstat.html
Proves that 78% of your average web users are using IE.

Here's some pasted stats:

Browser Summary
Listing the first 20 browsers by the number of requests, sorted by the number of requests.

no.: reqs: %reqs: pages: %pages: Gbytes: %bytes: last time: browser
---: -------: ------: ------: ------: -------: ------: ---------------: -------
1: 4385747: 71.04%: 634816: 65.49%: 48.142: 61.20%: 19/Jul/01 09:00: MSIE
2: 1146452: 18.57%: 158603: 16.36%: 11.848: 15.06%: 19/Jul/01 07:30: Netscape 4
3: 249746: 4.05%: 33816: 3.49%: 2.422: 3.08%: 19/Jul/01 01:41: Netscape
4: 182367: 2.95%: 25443: 2.62%: 1.450: 1.84%: 19/Jul/01 04:30: Netscape 3
5: 32403: 0.52%: 17898: 1.85%: 7.743: 9.84%: 15/Jul/01 11:25: Slurp.so
6: 18144: 0.29%: 7825: 0.81%: 1.032: 1.31%: 16/Jul/01 04:06: Teleport Pro
7: 16914: 0.27%: 5632: 0.58%: 0.168: 0.21%: 18/Jul/01 20:00: Netscape (compatible)
8: 13476: 0.22%: 13062: 1.35%: 0.054: 0.07%: 18/Jul/01 15:31: Gulliver
9: 9936: 0.16%: 7939: 0.82%: 0.025: 0.03%: 6/Jul/01 22:10: Googlebot
10: 9124: 0.15%: 8535: 0.88%: 0.024: 0.03%: 19/Jul/01 08:32: ArchitextSpider
11: 7205: 0.12%: 5791: 0.60%: 0.033: 0.04%: 18/Jun/01 13:33: Scooter
12: 6153: 0.10%: 1495: 0.15%: 0.011: 0.01%: 15/Jul/01 05:55: MS Proxy 2.0
13: 4979: 0.08%: 3635: 0.37%: 0.038: 0.05%: 19/Jul/01 05:22: FAST-WebCrawler
14: 4952: 0.08%: 3616: 0.37%: 0.341: 0.43%: 18/Jul/01 22:23: libwww-perl
15: 4861: 0.08%: 3029: 0.31%: 0.034: 0.04%: 1/Jun/01 17:56: Offline Explorer
16: 4765: 0.08%: 2300: 0.24%: 0.111: 0.14%: 18/Jul/01 21:04: ia_archiver
17: 3457: 0.06%: 1471: 0.15%: 0.107: 0.14%: 11/Jun/01 19:42: Bjaaland
18: 2957: 0.05%: 2093: 0.22%: 0.011: 0.01%: 18/Jul/01 11:33: Slurp
19: 2781: 0.05%: 1: : 1.355: 1.72%: 15/Jul/01 12:20: Windows-Media-Player
20: 2607: 0.04%: 461: 0.05%: 0.020: 0.03%: 19/Jul/01 01:57: Opera
: 64575: 1.05%: 31890: 3.29%: 3.679: 4.68%: 19/Jul/01 08:24: [not listed: 872 browsers]

whoah that's a lot.

Still, it proves it. :P

Oooh oooh oooh musn't forget this page: //www.cusd.claremont.edu/~mrosenbl/spam.html - the AMAZING world of SPAM!


l8r d00ds.

I just found a page full 'o interestin' links...


I came across it while reading on the BurningMan.com web site - in the photo archive.

Tuesday, July 17

Was bored, started mucking about with ppl in the chat room (Lizard Lounge)

Here's some codes for chat graphics that they don't tell you about:

Schoolmaster.net chat graphics: (enclose all of these in double < and > signs)



Nice Nintendo emulation site I saw on askme.com posted by a nice user:

www.vimm.net (click on Emulation Lair)

Niiiice. ;)

Monday, July 16

Aaaah the smell of a sweet UT mod: //www.tactical-ops.net/index.php?page=download

Interesting article on alternatives for ASP running (without IIS or PWS):


Whoah this response to an AskMe.com question about subnet masks is like, totally amazing! Read it here:



To fool the cablemusic.com player into giving you 64k streams, do this:

Open the stream of your choice. For instance, Drum and Bass/Jungle can be opened by going to:

Now, in this URL we can see a variable to disable 64k streams. Hah hah...

In hunting through the HTML code for the player window, I came across this subroutine in the Javascripts:

function set64k(b64k)
// JMH b64k = 0 ;
SetCookie(g_cs64k,(g_b64k ? 1 : 0),dexp,'/','cablemusic.com');


Therefore, to enable the 64k streams just change the n64k=0 (off state) to b64k=1 (on state) in the URL.
This'll change the cookie to use 64k streams. However, to open the new 64k streams you have to choose
your station of choice from the little pull-down menu in the centre-left of the player console. That'll
open the 64k stream. Also, if you mouse over the preset buttons you'll see "Station Name (64kbps)".

This will tell you that you've accessed the 64kbps streams - which are apparently "down" at the moment. heh.

*methinks they couldn't afford the bandwidth costs hehe*

And thus concludes my tutorial for today. Class is dismissed children; don't torch my car like you did last lunchtime. ;)

Thursday, July 12

The official U.S. time - clock

Ooooooh purdy. That's what the time is in the UK right now for all you international people.


Wednesday, July 11

Ok, here's a class link to a skit of TechTV NOW FEATURING CHRIS PIRILLO OF LOCKERGNOME.COM FAME !!!!!!


Tuesday, July 10


I know there's no way of ever being able to buy this, but it's nice to drool over when you're bored.

Heard this link on the 8:30 news report this morning on Sara Cox's Radio 1 breakfast show: www.onthebog.net

It was described as a place where you could print off a story a day for reading on the bog. Kewl.

Here are some of my mate's cams.

Elliot Wilson
(cam updates every 30 seconds when he's online)

(cam updates every 3 minutes when he's online)

You can find gnomie's cams on the Lockergnome webcams page, if you scroll down to the Gnomie's cams page. My page is there :D

Enjoy, I have food to eat and a music composition to finish for next lesson, which is rapidly nearing...

PS - I'll make some proper loading windows for the cams when I get round to it. l8r d00ds.

Was listening to cablemusic.com this morning at about 10:40am BST (GMT+1) when this choon came on.

Whoah this song rocks!

Roni Size & Reprazent
1997 Mercury Records Ltd.

If anyone knows where I can get this song (and other stuff, including his mix of Adam F's Circles track) then I'd be most obliged.

Ah sweet now this is playing:

Decoder & Substance
2000 Moonshine Music


Monday, July 9

Natural Rhythm


Elliot's gonna delete this from his guestbook, so here are my comments reproduced in glorious technicolour.

Name: Chris Woods
Sent: 06.14 - mon 9 jul 2001

Oh, and about the comment you made on Swish... IT IS NOT A NASTY PROGRAMME IF YOU USE IT P R O P E R L Y, not like the amateurish way you use it.

Anyway, have you seen version 2? It kicks ass! I'm downloading it now.

PS - winamp comes with the Advanced Visualisation Studio, written by Justin Frankel author of the first version of Winamp and continued developer. So there. :P :D

Name: Chris Woods
Homepage: //morphsweblog.cjb.net
Hometown: Dilton Marsh
Sent: 06.08 - mon 9 jul 2001

Oh, one more thing:

head off to //diskdrives.cjb.net . Nice site I spent a whole IT less on doing it in raw HTML editor on Geocities (yuck).

It whips your scrawny "disk%20drives%20links.htm" page - and yes, that's how IE interprets spaces in files. GET RID OF 'EM! hehe


Name: Chris Woods
Homepage: //morphsweblog.cjb.net
Hometown: DIlton Marsh
Sent: 06.06 - mon 9 jul 2001

Dom - I believe that number to be at least 3 times in the past 5 minutes, maybe more - his FDISK macro he set up formats and reintalls faster than the eye can see.

Name: Chris Woods
Homepage: //morphsweblog.cjb.net
Hometown: DIlton Marsh
Sent: 06.05 - mon 9 jul 2001

Might I just say that your write ups of my sites are more put downs. Think of the things I could say about YOURS... j/k hehe

Seriously, though... Many ppl still use 800x600, and many also use Netcape/Mozilla. Your site looks shite in Netcape, even version 6. I've given up with Netcape 4.6.

Also, I had to tell you that the friends sites page was coming up with horizontal scrollbars in 1024x768 cuz you work in 1154xwhatever. Hah! Sign of a bad designer: doesn't change resolutions to check for compatibility.

Apart from that, not bad...

When U gonna bung my other sites on there as well?
//www.infinitus.co.uk (redesigned, spankingly-good)

Ah well, l8r d00d. Have to do French homework yet...

Oh, and If you're aching for a Blog - u look like you're using this guestbook as a lame-ass one - then make your own on Blogger.com! You already have an account... I recommend using your BT webspace for the blog - f2s has that nasty-ass webcache which means you can only load the page once every 24 hours, then you see the same page however many times you update it via ftp.

Oh well, cya l8r d00d, and tx for the great party.
Chris W.

EntCity.com - Your Source for Digital Entertainment News & Analysis

This is a kewl page. Links include:

IE6 preview beta

Winamp 2.76

Winamp 3 Alpha

ICQ Version 4.65 Build #3281

RCA mp3PRO AudioPlayer 1.0

Windows Media Player 8 Beta

sweet man! ntlworld's gonna be maxed out on my connection for the next couple of nights downloading all this.

Excellent. :D

91ZM - Today's Hit Music - Homepage

Aaaah... a nice NZ radio site. They have a live stream, too. The favourite radio station of _Jeremy in Lockergnome. His site is at //naylor.8m.com/jeremy/index.htm

Well, after helping _Jeremy in Lockergnome chat, here's a quick guide to making your own menus in mIRC. Useful for when you open the app and want to connect to a server - right-click on the Status window and choose a server/room from the menu.


Join a server/room:
.Lockergnome (server):/server chat.planetz.net:6667
.Lockergnome (room):/join #lockergnome

The mIRC editor is the little green button on the taskbar.

So, my complete Status file reads:

.#mIRC:/names #mirc
.#irchelp: /names #irchelp
.names ?:/names #$$?="Enter a channel name:"
Join a server/room:
.Lockergnome (server):/server chat.planetz.net:6667
.FreeTechSupport (room):/join #freetechsupport
.Lockergnome (room):/join #lockergnome
.[=X=] (server):/server b0rk.uk.quakenet.org
.[=X=] (room):/join #[=X=]
.Mister (room) (G][ost and Funny are in here):/join #mister
.#mIRC:/join #mirc
.#irchelp:/join #irchelp
.join ?:/join #$$?="Enter a channel to join:"
.Try double-clicking in a channel window!:
.Whois ?:/whois $$?="Enter a nickname:"
.Query:/query $$?="Enter a nickname:"
.Nickname:/nick $$?="Enter your new nickname:"
..Set Away...:/away $$?="Enter your away message:"
..Set Back:/away
.List Channels:/list
Edit Notes:/run notepad.exe notes.txt
Quit IRC:/quit Leaving

can u see where I put in my own menu?

You can add your own items to the menus. Just start an item with a "." (period/full stop) and separate the option with the actual command with a ":" (colon).

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Chris Woods
aka ^Morph^


Sunday, July 8


Oh look, it's an archive of gnomies.

These are some of the people who populate the lockergnome chat room. My pic'll be there soon...

Saturday, July 7

The NT Server (WIN32) - useful FAQ and other stuff for setting up an Unreal Tourney server on a Win32 machine.

Tx Gryph :)

TechTV Fanatics Forums - TechTV in the UK

My first post on this forum. Also, a petition. TECHTV NEEDS TO BE SHOWN IN THE UK!

Come on guys, I know y'all can do it...

Infinitus.co.uk Web Design's new temporary home (until the domain name expires so we can re-purchase it... long story...)

Oh hey, look - next Friday it's Friday the 13th. Kewl. :D

Friday, July 6

MSN Messenger Service -- Help - This details their acknowledgement that the service has been knackered.

However, apparently all contact lists are gonna be restored, and when I logged onto the net on Friday (about 23:20 GMT) MSN logged in fine and showed all my contacts. So they must've already done my account.

Nice ;)

Here's a ZDNet account detailing the outage in better detail than an official article ever would:



Thursday, July 5

Emu Xpress - a nice emulator site.

Oh, and www.wiltsrec.org.uk is up and running! I emailed Areti Internet (the hosts) and the hostmaster re-enumerated the serial number for the account and reset the DNS server entry for the site. And it works! yay.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ulliam corper suscipit lobortis nisl ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis autem veleum iriure dolor in hendrerit in vulputate velit esse molestie consequat, vel willum lunombro dolore eu feugiat nulla facilisis at vero eros et accumsan et iusto odio dignissim qui blandit praesent luptatum zzril delenit augue duis dolore te feugait nulla facilisi.

Couldn't be bothered to add this last night.


That site kicks ass. Recommend you become a registered member.

Heeheehee... Very funny.


"Peter Pan's Home Page!"

Oh. Dear. God. No.

gnomeCENTRAL Station - another kewl Lockergnome-related site. TGC did this all on his own, hand-coding in Notepad using ASP.

What a guy.

The real URL (in case the cjb.net one doesn't wanna work - happens sometimes) is //www.natesbox.com/gcs.

Enjoy, I know I do. :)

#lockergnome stats archives... I set up a cjb.net URL. **Looks proud**. It's //lgchatstats.cjb.net, but I think that's blocked at school so I put in the real URL for the Archives page too. Aww ain't I thoughtful :P


Right - time to hit the sack. Thursday 2moro, and you know what that means... No, you don't? Aaah well - that's for me to know and for you to find out... hehe ;)

Wednesday, July 4

Here's my new Public Profile. I signed up for an MSN Passport using my current email address, cuz I hate typing the long one all the time at school.

Tuesday, July 3

Well, while RadioAmp's WWW.com feeds are down "for maintenance" I've had to console myself and find alternative Windows Media Player Drum N Bass feeds. Here's a nice one.


Here's another one:


And another:

//www.elektrolink.com/medias/radios.php3?index=0&genre=14 - danmit all RealAudio at the moment

And yet another:

//www.cablemusic.com/cmcPlayer/player.asp?n64k=0&program=Jungle - I recommend signing up for this site, it's damn good. Only 20kbps streams at the mo... 64kbps coming soon.

Oh well, later d00ds, I'm off to check the posts on Clan Xenon's forum pages then I'm off to get a bite to eat.

Nice ;)

a nice streaming radio feed - Ministry Of Sound (www.ministryofsound.com)


You don't quite grasp the concept of a blog, do ya mate. :)


Woods, hope you get this message, was just wondering if you could answer this question?
Well here is goes: -

You know this blogger thing can I add a link on my site to it so I can then use it like a notice board.



Elliot Wilson


Time for some nice PHP links now.

//www.technobreeze.net/php/emaillist/download.html - EmailList

//www.phpbuilder.com/snippet/detail.php?type=snippet&id=99 - outputs today's date on a page

//www.phpbuilder.com/snippet/browse.php?by=cat&cat=15 - HTML+PHP snippets

//www.devshed.com/Server_Side/PHP - DevShed's PHP pages.

There are more links, but you wouldn't be interested. :)

Well, some nice links to go to. The first two are for sites where you can see what other people have on their desktops.



Some interesting resources for Personal Web Server users/designers who use PWS to preview content to go online:

Another nice desktop archive (this is just one person): //www.photogeek.org/desktop

Monday, July 2

mwahaha soooooo funny! //www.forked.com/test/pc.html

Another archive of hacked sites. This guy's called Coolio (real name Dennis Moran).

More hacked sites archives...





Ooo hoo this morning gets better and better.


//www.k10k.net (again hehe)

//www.grownmencry.com/lmichelle/sheep.html - it was blocked at school, but sounds funny.

//www.rachelandrew.co.uk/webdev/dreamweaver.asp - Interesting, interesting...

//www.k10k.net/features/11.sigmund/index.htm - ooh. hoo hoo. Nice. ;)

//www.surfstation.lu/SPLASH/marc02/Ooo nice.

//www.mmicons.com - Kewl.

//hensel.lifepatterns.net - hehehehehehehe like it like it!

//dreamweaverfever.com - Essential for any power DW user.

//www.iht.com/articles/24700.html - Web Plagiarism Easy, but Also Easier to Detect (IHT)

//www.iai-jp.net - ooo.

//www.teddybearssthlm.com - ooo again.

//www.turbulence.org/Works/song - kewl.

//www.beaularkphoto.com - nice.

//www.b-reel.com/summerjob/launch.htm - woohoo! A game!

//corp.pixel-industries.com/index2.html - damn I need to get photoshopping.

Could be interesting: //dailynews.yahoo.com/h/zd/20010622/tc/hackers_wait_to_exploit_ms_server_flaw_1.html

And also these links:

www.WebStandards.org - fighting for standards on the web.

Security Issues when installing and customising pre-built script

Ooo ooo ooo this too.

//public.wsj.com/sn/y/SB991862595554629527.html - New Windows XP Feature Can Re-Edit Others' Sites

Hehehehehehehehe. ;)

Apparently, this is what happened to the CIA page and others when it was hacked and defaced. I ain't been caught yet :D

A Fun Disclaimer: My text. Not your text. This text sprang forth in 2001 and is therefore
copyright 2002, Christopher Woods, through whatever year it is now. So there.

(Originally from DZM.com)