Friday, August 31

One of's finest offerings!

Thursday, August 30

SQL in 2 minutes


Bloody 'ell.

headwindow - let the world see inside your head

Interesting concept... Similar to Blogger in some respects, but different. If ya know what I mean.

There's a link to this site on the top of every page of f* - I think they're made by the same person / company, and I think they run on the same ASP system. Notice the signup pages are identical... Good ideas though. :)

Oh my. James Deacon and Steven Wysocki'll like this one. ;)

Wednesday, August 29

Stephen King's "Die Hand" - Hinweise unbedingt beachten

I got this sent to me in an email a while back. Then I found the link oto the web site from my UT clan forum. MUCHO amusing. Just shows how susceptible the brain is.

Some interesting resources on here, including a complete list of all ports used on the internet.

Tuesday, August 28

Antra's Dungeon

Haw haw very funny. Some good animations on here (viewer/parental discretion is advised for the "F*ck Her Gently" movie hehehehe)

Whoah another killer site. I got to here from {Resources, Graphics, Tutorials, Wallpapers, Photoshop, Freehand 8}

oooOOOooo nice Photoshop Tutorials


Here's a nasty trojan (although trojans are small apps that allow other people access to your PC using a server/client interface - don't quite get that) that will totally wipeout your PC. caput. capish?

Read it AND BE WARNED. If you ever wanna use your computer again, BE WARNED.

Hehehehehe I wonder if I could knock up some fakes with simple javascript alert: prompts saying stuff like "Your PC has now been fatally and irreperably damaged. Thank you for using Micro$haft Windows." hehehe


Ever wanted to see what 1920x1440 looks like? Well, click here.

This is on my mate Gneato's new Trinitron 19" LCD - a mere $400.

Lucky bugger.

Ok, so this is the subwoofer kit and sound card I'm getting soon tx to Larry (Luke Mackay-Morris to the real world outside of Clan [=X=] hehe)


(the top card on the page)

I'm also thinking of getting the Creative Live! 5.1 soon. I think I'll get that from

hehehehehehe. mwahahahahaha. Bwahahaha! MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

subs rock.

Monday, August 27

Security News Portal - A Different Kind of News

HAW HAW This article's about a Win2K Port flaw allowing access to for one hacker the other day! heehee

Well, Today's Monday. Last week of my holidays before going back to face a bloody awful Year 11. ARGH.

Anyhoo, I got MSN Plus! Extension installed - works great now. I'm doing some coursework and homework every morning then I have th rest of the day free - kewl.

Nothing to say at the moment except last night at the get-together I went to for the 3 houses on my tiny road most of the adults (mine not included) got totally pissed - off their heads - drunk - inebriated - smashed - full of alcohol and ensued in various monkey business and drunken falling about that resulted in the wife of the couple at the house furthest away from me fell over the bloke who lives next door to me and broke her arm at the wrist.


Annoying thing was, cuz our phone line was like the Hotline in case she needed to be taken to Hospital, we were delegated as kiddy watch. Therefore, I had to come off the net dead early.


Oh well. I'm on again now :D

HAW HAW very funny.

Messenger Plus! Extension

Here's that app.

It's just too cool for words. Download it and the newest ver of MSN Messenger from // and install the Plus! app WITHOUT MSN Messenger running so you don't have to reboot.

it kicks ass!

Sunday, August 26

Wacky B...MSN Messenger Tips, Tricks, Scripts....

I like these sorta sites... This one has a neato thing called MSN Plus that adds loads of features to MSN Messenger.

Enjoy :)

TechTV | RAM Prices Slowly Dropping

JEZUZ take a look at these prices! half the price of in the UK!

Saturday, August 25

Did you know that "stewardesses" is the longest word typed with only the left hand?

from //

Printing Over The Internet

Wow... who would've thought this was possible 10 years ago? Amazing.

Note - only works with 2K afaik.

Here... is a can of spam.

Don't ask questions.

A can of spam

Ta to Para^ for that one.

Ah man this blogBuddy software r0x0rs your s0x0rs!


Friday, August 24

I downloaded this kickass Windows interface for Blogger, called blogBuddy. You can download it from if you're interested.

l8r d00ds
Chris Woods

The World Wide Web History Project

An essential visit for any web surfer worth their salt. Or bandwidth :) downloads

A nice site. Has BHO Captor, which shows you what Browser Helper Objects, like the WebHancer spyware plugin, are running on your PC and are loaded when you load IE.

I sped up my IE load time by disabling the WebHancer agent. It sucks. BHO Captor rocks, however.

There's tons of other cool stuff on there too.

L8r d00ds.
Chris W

TechTV | Top Five Tips for Online Community
An interesting article.

Currency Calculator

this site kicks ass.

Right Hemisphere - Deep Paint 3D

This app looks killer.

un lapin

Oh my god this is just tooooooooooo funny! watch it - it's gooood!

Thursday, August 23

Cisco - Cisco Aironet 350 Series Wireless Bridge

oooOOOooo sweeeeeeeeeet. Fancy a multi-building LAN party? heehee

CD Zapping

Holy SHIT man. That's all I can say.

Oh, and don't try this at home kids. Or adults for that matter, unless you have a Tesla Coil or two handy... heeheeheehee


Oh my.


Oh my also.


PS - I'm back from hols... miss meeeee? heehee. I had 100 emails when I got back.... Huh.

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