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Sunday, June 15

"There is never a bloke with a jet pack pissin down your chimney when you need one"
- Paul Merton

How very, very true.

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Saturday, June 7

Kerblam! //ker.bl.am :D

szene free gratis kostenloser subdomain redictor - YOURNAME.BL.AM

Nice one Christopher.

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Tuesday, June 3

To the 3 people that read this thing: sorry about the somewhat entire, complete and absolute lack of updates recently. Things have been busy recently, the sale of our house has fallen through - but we still hope to have sold and moved to Buckinghamshire by August, although chances of buying the Twyford house are now pretty much gone. Half of my PC's currently in Stockport, back at Addons (motherboard and network card failed so I sent them back to get replacements, according to the Sale of Goods Act of course, and I'm still waiting for them) - but I still wouldn't fail to recommend them. Apart from the odd problem, which is inevitable even with a bricks-and-mortar computer business, their products are sterling, delivery is fast and their customer support is helpful too.

Hmm, I've gone all tangentical again.

In the meantime, while I'm on this laptop sitting in the living room watching MTV (a nice couple of classic Jackass episodes which followed some classic Osbournes episodes) I came across limmy.com completely by chance. I think it was from arie.org.

Browse that site, explore everything. Another web site I really really appreciate in terms of simplicity and effictiveness. And the guy's damn quirky too ;)

I bid thee farewell, until next blogtime.

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