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Tuesday, September 30
Do you build Micra?

That's one hell of a honeymoon present.


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Sunday, September 28
Solution: Error 1513 Bad attribute position in file record

Not a solution really, more a solution of sorts as in an answer to why this problem exists. I think to rid yourself of the problem you have to reformat your drive and start over, preferably formatting to the NTFS format supplied with PartitionMagic (this problem sounds like the work of MS applying subtle yet important changes to the NTFS filesystem again and not telling anyone).

I know it's old news, but another source for the info always helps, especially for Googlers.

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Net guru peers into web's future

Another gem from the BBC News Online pages. This is one feature I don't mind paying my TV License Fee for. Read the interview between Go Digital & Tim Berners-Lee (aka Mr. W3, what a guy). Makes for some interesting reading - the guy's got insight. If I had any, I'd put some money down that a fair portion of what he says will become sooth in the near future.

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Phantasmagorical! And it's spelt comedically wrongly. =D

OOOoooooooooooooooooooooooo, w.bloggar iz teh kewl. Very funky, now that blogbuddy just seems to refuse to work for me. Niftylicious.

*squeal* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo! I just coded a hyperlink and it does colour coding too! Awesome! I'm the worst when it comes to missing closing html tags 'n all sorts... Fantastic.

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Saturday, September 27
ProjectZ: Hardware - Crazy Microwave Techniques

Version 0.4 at that. Great stuff.

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One of the most influential books ever written in my opinion. Download it from here. Legally. See the site for more information, and all of his other works, freely available to the public domain.

This is what the Web is great for

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Saturday, September 20
mo- mo- mo- mo- monkeeeeyyyy

You have to check this Weebl and Bob episode, it's quality (as ever).

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Friday, September 19

This is what nine tenths of all these "mods" are - the poor cars! How could they be so beastly to em...

Hahahahaha THIS SITE IS QUALITY!list of modified cars that are rubish nova clio subaru vauxhalls (stupidnorthernmonkey.co.uk)

GO BOOKMARK! MAKE YOUR HOME PAGE! PRINT OUT ALL THE PICTURES AND FLY POST THEM THROUGH YOUR TOWN! This site's hours of laughs. Check out the exhaust pipe that's been modded to include a ... paint can just after the silencer section.

Absolute classic. Brings a new meaning to DIY modding. :D

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Saturday, September 13
"Right about now, y'all, I'm gonna give y'all the gran' tour. That's what I'm talkin' about... Shoes off right... The shoes, they off! Owww!"

He's gone all wacko, I guess that's just how he's known.
He's forever on camera, they're there even at home.
He'll say cha'mone on if you like and a whole load of old Hee-hee's.
Watch your Jacko make a cup of Yorkshire tea.
I'm glad old Jacko is back . . .

Oh maan... I was looking for a page like this with just the MJ stuff on, and this page is sheer quality. Makes me laugh so much.

If you haven't seen the MJ sketches on Bo Selecta, go get them - either buy the DVD from play.com or download the clips. NOW!

The BoneAtHome Bo Selecta web page

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Friday, September 12
"Law seeks 'deposit' of web sites with UK libraries" (out-law.com)

So there's a new Bill being proposed to Government that could mean I have to send a copy of whatever I publish web site-wise to six public libraries for future reference.

Yeah, great idea - just one thing: has anyone with any inkling of sense actually READ IT?!?!?! There's no way this can work.


AND - and this is the pisstake section - you have to provide copies AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE (should the Bill ever pass and become Law)... Now how plainly, blatantly, obviously WRONG diddly wrong wrong is that. Masons' out-law.com webby has the article, the 14-page Draft Bill and a commentary. (looky looky click me to ready)

Yup, the inaneity of some MPs never ceases to amaze. I'm studying Politics in sixth form, so I'm learning to come to expect it, but still MY GOD SHIRLEY (Scrubs rox), just how stupid can ya get? Now run along Shirley, run along... Go on, run along.

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Wednesday, September 10
The RIAA sees the face of evil...

... and it's a 12-year-old girl.

The RIAA has nailed one of the most prolific file-traders in the U.S., filing a lawsuit against 12-year-old Brianna LaHara.

"Nobody likes playing the heavy and having to resort to litigation," RIAA president Cary Sherman said in a statement. "But when your product is being regularly stolen, there comes a time when you have to take appropriate action."

Yeah, go get em cowboy! Hit 'em HARD!

Flamin' hell. I mean, come on, sing along: How low can you go. How low can you go! And NOW, her mum's agreed to pay two grand to get the RIAA off their backs - even though they're in state-funded accomodation for mid- and low-income families.

These RIAA folk are a bit like unscrupulous bastards, aren't they. If anything, I'm stepping up my filesharing now. UK ROX!!!!11!!!!1!! LEET HAXORZ!!!11!1!!

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Monday, September 8
"Today, we're the bad guys."

Today my friends: some choice links from NewScientist Online.

Red alert on the e-war front

Is it possible to take down a superpower using only a keyboard, a mouse and an internet connection? With corporate and government bodies across the US taking the threat of electronic terrorism seriously, Duncan Graham-Rowe decided to give it a go.

Packet Tracking offers ultrafast Internet

Imagine an internet connection so fast it will let you download a whole movie in just five seconds, or access TV-quality video servers in real time. That is the promise from a team at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, who have developed a system called Fast TCP.

Now then, combined with the world land speed record for Internet transmission of 451mbit/sec, that sound pretty tasty. I can't wait until the next worm virus gets its mitts on that fatpipe :D

... Oh, and don't forget to check out the Internet Traffic Report while you're on the Internet. Geeks only. 8)

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Here, have a box of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

The W3C don't make my life any easier. A few years back they announced a whole load of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which means I have to make all my pages conform to strict standards and guidelines for disabled people to access them as well as fully-sighted people (screen readers don't like Flash animations that much, for example)... And it's time I jumped onto the partially-sighted bandwagon and made all my web content conform.

Well, one site at a time. This may take a while. :/

... Curious as to what I'm bitching about? Here, take a look for yourself. You might want to brew a pot of coffee if you're gonna read the whole lot.



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Sunday, September 7
"How sweet does this look"

djway: !!!!! EXCLUSIVE !!!!!! ---- Technics CDJ SL-DZ1200

Oh my. Ooooooooh my indeed.

........... unf unf

Excuse me, while I just clean up. ;)

Man, these cdj decks are almost making me reconsider being a vinyl-only junkie when it comes to DJing media preference. I think I'll stick with decks and vinyl for the time being though... unless someone has $3k to lend me (forever) so I can buy these puppies.

Just so slick. Dayumn. Technics Official Quote re these puppies goes along the following lines:

"Technics are set to exclusively unveil the new SL-DZ1200 CD DJ turntable at this years Palsa.
The SL-DZ1200 is based on the Technics SL1210 turntable motor.

On the flip, tak (from tek.moo.jp) writes:

This turntable was introduced by the "WIRE" which is the techno music festival held in Saitama prefecture.
The picture of the turntable which I showed on the web is the proto-type of Technics.
The spec has the ability of reproduction of CD, MP3 burned in CD-R, and SD card.
The size is the same as Techics SL-1200 series.
Some kinds of effects can be used by this turntable.

The turntable turns directly as CD turns and furthermore it can be scratched.
I think this digital turntable is easy to use for the analog turntable users.

Technics did not announce when and how much it will be sold and cost.
I am looking forward to the announcement really soon.

(//tek.moo.jp/c_note.cgi?v=224 for article (most of which is in Japanese, and will display as garbage unless you have International Character Support installed, in which case it'll all appear as Japanese garbage ;)

Dude, that's almost sexual how nice that CDJ deck is. Just read the site for more info (AND PICS!!!!11111!!1111!!!)

It's my birthday comin up, ya know... October the 13th...


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Saturday, September 6
Your jobby is served...

As if the Internet wasn't full of shit yet.

Now it can be! Yay.

And on the other hand, the RIAA are admitting that CD sales losses have more than doubled since last year, yet they still continue to twist the truth to make it look like piracy is to blame. They're still raking in the profits due to overinflated CD prices.

AND, to boot, Sharman Networks (AKA KaZaA Media Desktop) have issued DMCA writs to sites like google (!), zeropaid.com and slyck.com to remove all references to the "hacked and inferior" versions of KaZaA, such as KaZaA Lite K++ Edition (which is THE best version of KaZaA, if you must use KMD). It's kick in the teeth time again.

Go figure. The Internet is lame this week.

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Tuesday, September 2
Furbies & Blowtorches

I love a site that serves no useful purpose.

While it was still around shybe.com used to be The Ultimate Computer Destruction webpage... Now it's consigned to the annals of web history, as it's disappeared with nowhere to be found.

A real shame, as it was obviously work from the heart.

Now then, although that web site may be long gone (sniff), here's one that'll certainly fill a few minutes of your precious time every so often - Toy Destruction (.com helps). It's pretty new, so at the moment there's only about 6 movies, but it's already had 5,000 hits and hell, I love to see someone gloriously mangle a furry pet toy with a lawnmower, and you should do. It's what makes the world bearable.

And remember: The Devil Is In Exile, Exile Is In The Devil. Sleep Tight.

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Monday, September 1
bleep beep boop bloop bleep

This is the version of SecuROM that Enter The Matrix is protected by.

And this is the version of SecuROM that I managed to circumnvent on a copy of the game, boom: free. :D

But shhhh, don't tell anyone. Just you and me, huh.

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