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Wednesday, July 6

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Tuesday, July 5

New design finally in place. Yay for me. :D

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Sunday, July 3
Leftie blog entry of the day :)

Widescreen wallpapers!

Nootropic, I love them for doing this... They've put together a wicked little gallery of DRM-Related Antipixel Buttons and Badges, very useful for showing your support for the free data movement thing. :D

Oh, and this lovely little programme (Nix / Mac OS X only) will record your screen actions via a VNC connection, and save it as an swf file. Curse me for being win32. ;) vnc2swf

And while we're on yet another web trawl, here's a site with Anti-Japanese Propaganda War Posters site, replete with full-colour images and background information on each. A useful resource for WWII studiers, and a jog to the memory (I watched Days That Shook The World today too, and that particular episode was a recreation of the events that led up to Pearl Harbor. Makes you think).

I've decided to talk the MINIMUM about Live8, because everybody else has probably already discussed it at length on their own blogs. The only thing I'll say is that when they showed the video made in 1985 for the original Live Aid, which showed all the starving kids, and then brought out the girl - pictured last in the film, half-dead and half-conscious - whom the campaign managed to save... I was moved to tears by the whole thing, the video, and the overwhelming feeling of seeing this person fit and well who was given the ability to have her life back by something that others had done. Doesn't happen often, and it's spurred me on to seriously giving more sensible thought about the problems, even moreso than before. I'll donate money to the cause, but I still won't buy one of those stupid fad wristbands though.

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