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Sunday, March 2
My fave links in the week of a day that shouldn't exist

(A very convoluted way of saying 'the week containing February the 29th'). Has your girl proposed to you yet?

Links of interest for the week with a day that shouldn't exist

(29th of January).

The Dangerous Ground Project has a very clever web site illustrating the difficulty millions face on a daily basis with unexploded landmines. Apparently, it takes just 1 to clear one square metre of land, which does raise an interesting question - do you really need that spare 10?

Need some Barbarian Repellent or Time Freezy Hyper Slush? You need the Echo Park Time Travel Mart, now open in Los Angeles. (their strapline is "Whenever you are, we're already then."

Oh, and (smug mode on) proof that even Apple doesn't always come up smelling of roses, no matter how powerful and well-oiled their marketing department is. A classic case of marketing leading technical decision-making? I think so. But what am I on about? Oh, only the fact that Apple promised that by the end of February, there'd be 1,000 movies to rent on iTUnes Movie Rentals by the end of February (and 100 HD movies)... And as of the first of march, they had just 399 movies available, and 91 HD movies. Oops.

If you're making a press release (because I know that my readership is mostly comprised of new media entrepreneurs ;) why don't you flip things around a bit, and release your news through a more modular, easily-bloggable Social Media Press Release template?

Finally, the independent AV Comparatives has comprehensive ratings and benchmarks of all the popular antivirus solutions available on the market (with historical results, too) - very useful if you're shopping around for the best AV solution for your systems.

Until next week, namaste!

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