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Saturday, December 22
This is beginning to get a little ridiculous

My housemate just invited me to a Facebook group...

You have a Five Year old Fight invitation.

Adam Powell sent an invitation using How Many Five Year Olds Could You Take In A Fight?:

Adam wants to know how many five year olds you can beat up! Answer eight short questions and find out instantly - it's that easy!

... Though I did laugh hard! I've seen some utter shite on Facebook though. When's too much too much with all these Apps? Some of them are useful but some are utterly pointless... And the spam I've been seeing on Superwall recently is reaching unbearable proportions. We have idiots forwarding those stupid hoaxes and chain letters again, and it's really winding me up. If only someone could write a Greasemonkey script to hide all the useless Funwall/Superwall/X Me/Zombie apps from showing up... If you can do that, submit your script please!

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