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Sunday, January 10
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Monday, August 25
I go away for a while, I doss around a bit, I order a Zalman NC2000...

"What the bloody hell are you on about?" is something you'll no doubt be uttering - don't worry, it'll all become clear imminently. Long story short, my PC's currently out of action, I'm ordering an entirely new rig in September. A side effect of this is that I've had to keep up with all the work I would have been doing on the desktop, but on the laptop instead. It's an alright laptop, An Acer Aspire 5672WLMi (I picked it for its then-high spec) - but BOY does it get hot! It's been taken apart once as well for repair which I'm sure did its thermal performance absolutely no favours whatsoever.

So, after consulting the market and discarding many of the almost entirely-plastic laptop/notebook coolers, I decided to plump with a unit which most people seem to be quite happy with - the 17"-and-above version of the Zalman NC cooling unit, the NC2000. (Better have an oversize cooler than an undersized one, right?)

There's a couple of vague reviews and an overly long video review which doesn't really talk about real world performance, so I'll give it a quick review on here when it arrives and let the entire world know about it.

Brucie bonus and hat-tip to Tekheads.co.uk, who once again came through with a surprise bargain - free shipping over the Bank Holiday weekend, effectively making them the cheapest reputable vendor in the UK for this model. I've placed small orders with them in the past and they've always done well, so provided this order goes well, I'll be scaling up my business with them and putting some trade business through as well, so it's as much a litmus test for them as it is the Zalman cooler!

I ordered the silver unit which is a few quid more expensive than the black unit, because... Well, it looks a little bit nicer. :) And if I'm making a saving on the postage, why not spend a little more?

Fingers crossed it helps cool my laptop down, it's one of those cleverly-designed models which has all the intake vents ON THE UNDERSIDE, making it nigh-on useless. Plus the CPU, a Centrino Duo, has no fan (what?!) and the ATi X1600 Mobile graphics card's intake fan is at the top right corner on the underside of the device. I have to either have everything underclocked to lowest speeds or put the entire thing on a thick paperback book (like it is now, ghetto cooling mods ftw) to get adequate airflow!

In other news, I'm back to University for my final year shortly, and I'm actually procrastinating right now... I should be writing my sandwich year report because it's due in before Friday. Urk.

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